Full Service Beverage Company

For all your beverage needs in Pennsylvania, Catskills and select parts of New York, Glen's Original has solutions. We offer a wide variety of beverage products for camps.

From coffee to "bug juice", and when you purchase from Glen's Original, we supply the dispensing equipment at no charge.

We have been making beverages Since 1914 {Glen Bottling Co) and have been Servicing camps since 2000. Our motto has always been "Give the customer good Products, good service and a good relationship and you will be around for a long time.

We service customers from large chains (McDonald's, Burger King etc.) to small Neighborhood "mom and pops", all of our beverage equipment options are easy to Dispense, they are shelf stable so no worry about tying up cooler space, and they Taste delicious, I won't sell what I won't drink.

Beverages available through Glen's Original

rc cola bottle cap
  • COFFEE : Regular and Decafe (Maxwell House and Deep Rich)
  • Fruit Juice: Apple and OJ 50% (1 00% by special order)
  • DRINKS: Punch, Lemonade, Tea, Blue Raspberry ,Grape, Orange-mango
  • Strawberry-Kiwi: (some flavors available as diet)
  • Sport DRINKS: Punch and Orange

If your camp would like to know about Purchasing from Glen's Original Beverage's call1-800-244-1226 ask for Mike. THANKS